Ray R. Larson

Research Projects

Prof. Larson was a faculty investigator on the Sequoia 2000 project, where he was involved in the design and evaluation of a very-large-scale, network-based, information system to support the information needs of scientists studying global change.

He is also a faculty investigator on the UC Berkeley Digital Library Project (One of the large-scale digital library projects sponsored by NSF, NASA and ARPA) where the work is continuing on a very large environmental information system providing access to information on the California Environment and on "Re-Inventing Scholarly Information Dissemination and Use".

Prof. Larson is the principal investigator for the "CHESHIRE Demonstration and Evaluation Project" originally sponsored by the US Dept. of Education, that is developing a next-generation online catalog and full-text retrieval system. The latest work on the Cheshire system is supported by an International Digital Libraries grant from the National Science Foundation entitled "Cross-Domain Resource Discovery: Integrated Discovery and Use of Textual, Numeric and Spatial Data".

Prof. Larson is a co-principal investigator on the Search Support for Unfamiliar Metadata Vocabularies and the Translingual Information Management Using Domain Ontologies, both sponsored by DARPA, and on the Seamless Searching Between Numeric and Text Resources sponsored by the Institute for Museum and Library Services.

In his spare time he is investigating issues such as applying bibliometrics and automatic classification methods to the World Wide Web.