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Here's the millennial ode that aired on "Fresh Air," December 20, 1999.
    I have also done occasional verses for Industry Standard on new-economical topics like the DoubleClick cookie scandal, the Microsoft trial, the ubiquity of wireless, and dot-com Schadenfreude.
    A collection of quotes about language from my commonplace file , such as the following:
      Mrs. Cadwallader said privately, "You will certainly go mad in that house alone, my dear.  You will see visions.  We have all got to exert ourselves a little to keep sane, and call things by the same names as other people call them.  Middlemarch, Ch. LIV

I belong to the select group of people who can boast of having an Erdös-Bacon number -- specifically, 7.

Thanks to my co-authorship of  papers with Jan Pedersen, who wrote a paper with John Tukey, who wrote a paper with Arthur Stone , who wrote a paper with Paul
Erdös, I have an Erdös number of 4.

Thanks to my appearance in the documentary F*ck, to be released in August, 2006, I have a Bacon number of 3 by various routes, the most gratifying of them:

Geoffrey Nunberg appears in F*ck with Pat Boone, who  was in The Cross and the Switchblade (1970) with Erik Estrada, who was in We Married Margo (2000) with Kevin Bacon.


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