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I'm an adjunct full professor at UC Berkeley's School of Information.  My linguistics research includes work in semantics and pragmatics, text classification, and written-language structure, and I also work and write on the social and cultural implications of new technologies. I'm co- teaching two courses with Paul Duguid this spring: History of Information and a graduate seminar on Concepts of Information.

I do a feature on language on the NPR show "Fresh Air" and have written numerous commentaries on language for the Sunday New York Times Week in Review, as well as for other periodicals. I've also contributed occasional "letters from America" to the BBC4 series "State of the Union." I'm the emeritus chair of the usage panel of the American Heritage Dictionary.

For the that-and-a-nickel-will-get-you-on-the-subway file: I have a Bacon number of 2 and an Erdös number of 4, making for an Erdös-Bacon number of 6.



My most recent book The Years of Talking Dangerously was published in May 2009 by PublicAffairs. It was selected as a notable book of 2009 by the San Francisco Chronicle.

A review & interview by Chris Waigant at HuffPo
Review in the Guardian
Review in the San Francisco Chronicle

My previous book was -- deep breath now -- Talking Right: How Conservatives Turned Liberalism into a Tax-Raising, Latte-Drinking, Sushi-Eating, Volvo-Driving, New York Times-reading, Body-Piercing, Hollywood-Loving, Left-Wing Freak Show (PublicAffairs, July 2006). It was chosen as one of 10 best nonfiction books of 2006 by  Washington Monthly.


My book Going Nucular (PublicAffairs, 2004) was selected by Amazon.com as one of the 10 best nonfiction books of 2004 and as one of the "top 10 books of the year" by  January magazine and the San Jose Mercury News. It was also named best language book of the year by the Hartford Courant and listed among the year's best language books by the Chicago Tribune and the Boston Globe.


"The Informations," iConference keynote, Toronto 2/8/12 (slides)

Some recent "Fresh Air" pieces

"We're broke" 3/24/11
Killer Metaphors 1/20/11
Word of the Year? No!  12/15/10
"Sensitivity" Training 9/7/10
Country Wordplay 9/3/10
Refudiatin' Rhythm 8/3/10
Haiku Nation 6/14/10
"Under God," Hapax Legomenon 3/28/10
Pet Peeves 2/22/10
A Decade in Words 12/16/09
The I's Don't Have It (word counts gone wrong) 11/17/09
Safire on Sunday 10/6/09

Government Issue 8/11/09
Our Friend the Passive Voice 5/1/09
Other Fresh Air pieces

Some pieces from the Sunday New York Times Week in Review
An Adjective for Cakes, but Not for Bill Gates 4/30/06
Teaching Students to Swim in the Online Sea 2/13/05
It's sort of Like a, You Know, Verbal Rorschach Test 10/17/04)
Other Times pieces

Some recent essays & articles

Review of James Gleick's The Information, New York Times Book Review, 3/18/11.
Counting on Google Books" (on "Cultuomics"). The Chronicle of Higher Education, 12/16/10.
Is it Ever Okay Not to Disclose Work for Hire? (To appear in the International Journal of Speech, Language, and the Law, Volume 16, Number 2)
Google Book Search: A Disaster for Scholars. Chronicle Review, 8/31/10. [NB: not my title] See also Tramas y Texturas, 10.
The Shadow of Language (Versus, 107-108, 2008)

Other commentaries & pieces

"The Pleasures of a Hyphenated Education," commencement address, Undergraduate and Interdisciplinary Studies, Berkeley, May 18, 2010.
Language of Death, Los Angeles Times, 2/12/07
Wars and Word Games (on "civil war"), Los Angeles Times, 12/3/06
Words Failed the GOP Los Angeles Times, 11/19/06

Frame Game (George Lakoff's politico-linguistics)
This Isn't Patriotism, Los Angeles Times, 9/9/06

Other pieces on politics, language, and technology
A teapot tempest on political labels and media bias
Some pieces on language and law.

Going nuclear
Going nuclear

Geoffrey Nunberg
School of Information
University of California at Berkeley
Berkeley CA 94720
nunberg at-sign berkeley-dot-edu

Blogs, &c.

I'm a contributor to LanguageLog.
Some of my posts:

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I've also posted occasionally at the New Republic's "Open University"

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